Branding, Copywriting, Web

When Friendly Loans launched as a responsible money lender we worked closely with them to make their product offering come alive. Elegant branding and simple copy made the website stand out and helped explain terms and conditions in a compelling and engaging way.

First Impression

Designing a lasting memory.

Logos are, arguably, the most powerful marketing tool. Why? Because they provide a point of reference, a reflection of personality, and a projection of values and beliefs all rolled into one. We love creating these brand anchors; and, subsequently, jumped at the chance to craft Friendly Loans’ most visible representation of their company.

In order to accentuate Friendly Loans’ responsible lending practices, we produced a logo littered with meaning. A stylised ‘O’ emphasises their focus on families. A blue and yellow colour scheme represents both the target demographic (Pacific Islanders) and key business ideas – calmness (blue) and wealth (yellow).   

Articulating supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Saying the right things.

Whether you’re creating something new, launching a new company, or campaigning for a cause, it’s important you say the right things.

We excel at using words to get people on board, in line, and ready to act; and, naturally, used this skill to help Friendly Loans promote their company in a compelling way.

To effectively project Friendly Loans’ responsible lending practices, all copy had to be easy to understand. We employed simple, yet accurate, wording; and, additionally, we worked with legal experts to ensure all documentation was correct.

Wonderful web

It’s all for the user.

Today, companies must strategically think about online design, content, and technology, in order to experience success. Or rather, craft projects with real value. This is a strength of ours.

Friendly Loans’ website needed to be simple to effectively communicate with its audience – Pacific Island families in lower-economic areas. We categorised the site into small, relevant sections and placed all navigation elements in logical places.   

Creative Director

Finn Dinneen

I worked as the creative director on this project; and, subsequently, was responsible for ensuring designers, copywriters, and the project stakeholders, completed all tasks.