Our Favourite Christmas Ads of 2015

Our Favourite Christmas Ads of 2015

Christmas. It’s a time for family, friends, gifts, Michael Buble’s Christmas album; and, for us, watching TV adverts.

Of course, while Christmas advertising often has a love theme, make no mistake – they’re there to make you empty your pockets.

Grab your tissues. Here are some of our favourite Christmas ads of 2015:

Body Shop

A shower is not complete without an epic shower ballad, especially when it’s Christmas. Bare bums and all, this ad is a delightful reminder of how fun cleaning yourself should be.

Curry’s PC World

Jeff Goldblum doesn’t exactly exude the ethos of Christmas. However, his demeanor when suggesting how to act when receiving uninspiring gifts is perfect for this. Take note. This might come in handy for you.


Sometimes, getting family together during Christmas time can be hard. EDEKA has a good idea on how to make sure this doesn’t happen. While slightly predictable (and a rather morbid theme) this ad quickly translated into the love and joy that is experienced when everyone is together.

John Lewis

No one really thinks about the poor little old man on the moon. While families gather under the Christmas tree, he sits there alone. Well, according to John Lewis anyway. A beautiful little ad about the act of giving, and how much it can mean.


Christmas isn’t complete without Katy. H&M got the season off to an early start when they released this catchy music video starring Perry. It was a recipe for success.


Before you cringe at the mere thought of this, we thought this is at least worthy of a mention as it’s a rather, let’s say, interesting industry to be marketing. Especially, around Christmas time! Don’t worry, there’s no nudity involved in this one.

All in all, not a bad year for Christmas ads, we think. Let us know what your favourite ones are!

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