When Volo launched as an online insurance provider we worked closely with them to make their product offering come alive. Thoughtful design made the website stand out and helped explain service features and specifications in a easy-to-understand manner.

The Primary Objective

Crafting enjoyable experiences.

Today, user experience is of the utmost importance.

Decreasing attention spans and a myriad of choices are significantly changing online behaviors; and, as a result, it’s essential all ‘browsers’ are presented with aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand elements. They’ll quickly abandon a website if these features aren’t present.

To prevent this from happening, we worked alongside Volo to craft an enjoyable user experience; and, subsequently, allowed their services to be portrayed effectively online

Wonderful Web

It’s all for the user.

Volo’s user experience was designed with the client’s specific restrictions (in terms of colour and space utilization) in mind. When designing the overall look and feel, we focused on a core group of neutral colours and sparingly used their more vibrant counterparts as highlights. This allowed us to effectively communicate heavy information.


Dejan Miletic

I worked as the lead designer on this project; and, subsequently, was responsible for ensuring all work was created to the client’s specifications.