Branding, Web

AK Concrete Polishers were looking to strengthen their brand and enhance their online presence. Through clever design and a clean aesthestic, we were able to highlight the beauty of their services.

First Impression

Designing a lasting memory.

Assisting in the communication of a brand’s identity, logos are used to inspire trust, recognition, and admiration for a company. A logo must be simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate, and versatile, all while being able to conjure up specific feelings you want consumers to associate with the company. Fortunately, AK Concrete Polishers were in capable hands.

With most companies in the industry succumbing to creativity – commonly using their name as their logo – we were presented with an opportunity to differentiate AK Concrete Polishers. Working with grey and yellow colour restrictions, we decided to explore a ‘diamond in the rough’ theme. By simply rotating a square and using yellow highlights, we were able to emphasize the major benefits one can experience by shining concrete.

Idolised Identities

Unravel greatness.

Values, purpose, strengths, and passions. These are the cornerstones of any brand; and, subsequently, form its identity. Determing these attributes may be easy; however, conveying them to consumers is a little difficult – especially evoking certain emotions. Arguably one of the most valuable assests of a company, nailing the brand identity will do wonders.

Extending from the logo, AK Concrete Polishers’ brand identity needed to emphasize the nature of the work involved. Once again, by playing along the lines of ‘a diamond in the rough’, a pleasing aethestic was created which revealed a beauty many didn’t realise was there (just like concrete).

Wonderful Web

It’s all for the user.

Five seconds. This is the amount of time you have to capture a consumer’s attention online.

Presenting key information first is therefore a necessity. It allows consumers to instantly understand your offering; and, subsequently, confirm they’re where they want to be. If any confusion is experienced, visitors will quickly abandon your site in favour of another – of which there will always be. In most instances, the best rule of thumb is ‘less is more’.

For the creation of AK Concrete Polishers’ website, simplicity was key. This allowed consumers to instantly understand the offering and reflected the simplicity of the work itself. Furthermore, it meant all ‘unnecessary’ information was omitted and ensured load times were kept to a minimum.

Creative Director

Finn Dinneen

I worked as the creative director on this project; and, subsequently, was responsible for ensuring designers, animators, and the project stake holders, turned this fantastic idea into an exciting reality.