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When 80 Days launched as a premium headwear company we worked closely with them to make their product offering come alive. Thoughtful design and marketing techniques ensured they were able to compellingly communicate their travel-inspired ethos.

First Impression

Designing a lasting memory.

A logo must perfectly encapsulate the ethos of a brand. What’s more, it must do so with minimal text and a simplistic design. Luckily for 80 Days, we excel at creating these.

The name ’80 Days’ derives from Jules Verne’s novel (‘Around the World in 80 Days); and, as a result, we crafted something which encapsulated the theme of the story – travel. A stylised hot air balloon pays homage to Verne’s work in a simple, yet effective, manner. The number ‘80’ and the word ‘Days’ are embedded within to create a striking image.

Emotional Motion

Curating more engagement.

Tasked with creating a versatile video that could act as both a think piece and look book, we filmed 80 Days’ products in various Auckland locations. Showing the hidden side of everyday life, the picture was crafted to exaggerate the importance of getting lost – 80 Days’ motto.

Two versions were created – one with narration and one without. For those more verbally inclined, the narrated offering focuses on aspects of 80 Days’ theme we found most compelling.


Chase Madsen

I worked as the videographer on this project; and, subsequently, was responsible for ensuring all work was created to the client’s specifications.